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School Management System

School Tonic is a robust software solution for schools to boost their management system and to keep a proper track of records and activities of school. Our School Tonic software comprises following modules which makes the management of the institution very efficient and effortless. The software facilitates the important functional aspects of school such as Admission, Fee collection, Attendance, Timetable, Library, Maintenance of information about Students, Teachers as well as non-teaching staff of school. Please visit School Tonic for more information.

Leave Management System

Leave Management System developed in latest IBM Notes (XPages) platform capturing various kind of leaves like Vacation, Business Travel, Sick, and Out of Office etc. The approval system is handled through workflow and different dashboard for employees & managers are provided with graphical representation. iNotes calendar is implemented for calendar view representation.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management application developed in latest IBM Notes (XPages) platform. The application provides a web interface to create a vendor request. Vendor details are configured separately. The request flows through different approvals depending the amount limit and it also captures the appropriate location and department to be charged for the payment.

Customer Request Handling

A Customer Request Handling software solution developed in IBM Notes (XPages) platform for banking sector. The application handles different requests like (Buyer Limit, Backing LC, Amendment/Waiver, Review Date Extension, Limit Application, Temporary Overline, Cash Against Docs (CAD), Account Debtor Limits, Other etc.). The request is raised via this application and the document flows through various levels for approvals as required. Dashboard is provided for ease in accessing the request.

Batch Card

Batch Card processing system developed in latest IBM Notes (XPages) platform. This application automates the Pilot Plant batch processing workflow using the paperless workflow capabilities of Lotus Notes. The Pilot Plant Ingredient Inventory is maintained by recording Orders, Removals and Adjustments to physical Inventory quantities. It also calculates Ingredient Inventory levels for On-Hand and Non-Allocated Inventory by using consumption and reservation quantities specified by each Batch Card Request.


E-Approval system created in Lotus Notes client for government of Nepal. It provides a unique workflow for different ministries like (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science & Technology etc.). The application handles a complex undefined workflow as request can go for any no. of approval and further approvers can be added at any time to the same request. Also Nepali language is made available to the client and handled appropriately via configuration. Nepali date support is also provided for displaying purpose.

Discussion Database

A customized Discussion Database is developed in latest IBM Notes (XPages) platform for the client. The application uses the discussion database template and made available with various customized feature and new look and feel. It also provides a link to the other databases like Competition, Newsletter, Seminar, E-Contact etc. which are again developed in IBM Notes (XPages).

Tax Administration

A Tax Administration application is developed in Lotus Notes Client making no difference in look and feel than a Web application. The eye catching feature of the application is its dynamic reporting facility which provides a user friendly interface and dynamic functionality to generate all kind of required reports at one place.

Web Services

Complex Web Services written in Java for enabling a Room to be booked via other platforms. The services directly books a room in Notes Room Booking database and handles all possible validation or conflict. The most challenging part for handling different level of security is also handled via the service. The functionality makes sure that the services passes all the required security level before a successful booking.